House for Julia (Dům pro Julii)

“We learn the worst truth in one sentence… Julinka set out on her last journey to the place of no return… Ten years after your departure, Julinka, the House that will bear your name begins to grow. A children’s hospice that will serve parents who find themselves in our situation. Nothing will bring you back to us, but with the project we can help other parents in a situation they could never have imagined.” Excerpt from Julinka’s story – through the eyes of a mother (whole story)

  • The House for Julia will offer respite care for both long-term and short-term pacients and caregivers, as well as the possibility of being together in the terminal stage of the disease
  • There will be rooms for art therapy, music therapy, cinema, wellness, snoezelen room and a large social room with cafeteria
  • Here you will also find a space for exercise, a computer game room, plenty of space for active rest or relaxed relaxation
  • Completion of construction is planned for the second half of 2023 and start of operations for January 2024
  • The house for Julia will be located in the Kociánka locality, in the area of the Home for the elderly.
  • Video: House for Julia: Just a parent for a while

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