They were founded in 2006. Since then, they have combined many years of experience and resources from the business environment with the determination to solve the most complex social challenges. Provida is convinced that a successful and happy person can come out of any environment if we provide them with support and direct them to the right path. They fulfill their vision by implementing and supporting projects that improve the quality of life in the community. In the non-profit sector, they use the principles of the business environment and try to ensure that long-term and real positive social change remains after the projects.

  • An organization that combines philanthropy and investments for a better and more valuable world. A world where difficult beginnings do not limit future opportunities. A world where even complex social problems have long-term solutions.
  • They are looking for their own projects, but also support other non-profit organizations with a similar philosophy.
  • They combine philanthropy with business and use non-traditional solutions for serious social problems.
  • Projects: Buddy, Orphan Opportunity Fund, Flying Fish, “Svetielko” Center and others.

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