HR Consultant with UKR for Synergie Belgium

Job Offer Number 92964

Type: full time

Sector: HR and Recruitment

Position level: Specialist

Salary: From 2100 Euro

Contact Person:

Daria Zhdanova


We are looking for an HR Consultant with Ukrainian and English language to connect with refugees from Ukraine in Belgium. The goal is to support them, built a communication channel, to consult and prepare them for possible future employment.

What we are looking for:
- a person with an experience in HR, first of all in Recruiting
- English language is a must
- Ukrainian language is a must (Russian maybe also needed)
- Experience with blue collars positions is a great advantage

Nice to have:
- German language is a big plus, fantastic to have
- Experience with HR Marketing
- Experience with HR Consulting in employment
- Experience with interpreting and translating ENG/UKR
- Bachelor's degree (can be Master's, but Bc. is enough)

Location: Antwerp HQ and Temporary help office
Salary range: 2000 - 2100 Euro for the junior consultant, 2500 plus Euro for the experienced or senior specialist.
- 40 hours/week
- plus 1 day off every month
- 20 days
- Qa bonus and annual bonus
- Flexible working hours