RPO – Recruitment Process Outsourcing

People are a key factor for companies to remain at the forefront of their field. The correct definition and management of recruitment and HR processes is essential for hiring and retaining high-quality employees.

Given the dynamic market conditions, there are various situations due to which companies are unable to cover recruitment needs internally. The most common reasons are limited internal HR capacity, a lack of legislative expertise among foreign entities, the unavailability of internal instruments, a lack of resources and missing know-how.

The Recruitment Process Outsourcing service offers the option of transferring internal recruitment activities to S&you – SYNERGIE either permanently or for the short term.

Our dedicated consultant then takes over the management of defined processes and ensures their correct functioning in cooperation with the S&you teams. The service may include all corporate recruitment processes, whereby S&you completely represents the client’s department, or only the part which the client is unable to manage by itself for various reasons.

ON-SITE solution:

Our specialised consultant performs their work directly at the client’s place of business and de facto becomes a part of the client’s team using its resources, e.g. internal databases and systems (scope as agreed).

OFF-SITE solution:

Our specialised consultant works from the S&you office and delivers the service to the client based on the defined requirements or scope of service, regular contacts and reporting. They use S&you technological resources, including the ATS system, to perform their work.

When the service is most useful:

  • The company does not have a recruiter or HR department
  • Entry of a new company from abroad
  • Expected recruitment upsurge (company expansion, creation of new departments, new branches, project implementation)
  • Need for a dedicated person solely for recruitment with adequate know-how
  • Need to define recruitment processes

What is the RPO service offers:

  • A professional recruiter with our know-how
  • Use of the ATS system, including statistical analysis
  • Processing of personal data pursuant to GDPR
  • Regular reporting
  • Advisory
  • Cost savings
  • Time and capacity for your own business

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