Do you feel long-term dissatisfied or underappreciated in your current job? You have even found courage in yourself and shared your feelings with your direct superior. However, there is no change at all.

It is quite clear that in this situation person cannot be happy and satisfied in the long run. Each of us wants to develop and gain new experiences. It is therefore logical, a person will proactively start looking for a new challenge elsewhere, with a potential new employer.

In my professional experience, it is only with official information about leaving the company that the negotiating wheel on the part of the current employer really spins. He realizes that he may lose a very high-quality potential and any alternative solution means higher costs for him and failure to achieve the already set goals.

A common employer solution is a counteroffer (ie an offer from a current employer that competes with an offer from a potential new employer). Everything that has not been offered to you so far is real and possible. It is up to you how you behave in this situation.

I have prepared for you a summary of questions that are important to answer when deciding:

  • Why is it possible to find a solution to your dissatisfaction only after giving notice? You regularly discussed a topic that is important to you, for example: the possibility of career advancement, salary increase, the possibility of further professional and personal development, change of communication, working atmosphere in a team, participation in interesting projects.

Despite these discussions, you met with your superior only with promises that were not realized or with an immediate negative attitude to their implementation. Why is the situation different now, what has been changed?

  • Will a salary increase make you happy in the long run? Will all the negatives that have been clear so far disappear?
  • Is your long-term motivation and career goal a more lucrative position title? Or are there content and other options important?
  • What can a current employer offer you in the long run?
  • How do you perceive a company that can only appreciate you when you want to leave?
  • Communication has finally started, but will it continue at this level?
  • Never forget your work-life balance. Will you have enough time for family, friends and personal interests?

It is always necessary to think about the current possibilities comprehensively. Not to be enchanted by the higher salary, new position and all other factors that inspired you to make a career change in another company.

Do not forget to think about a situation that can become a reality when you accept a counteroffer:

  • Trust is broken on both sides – on your side and on the side of the employer. This may affect the possibility of further career development, future reward settings, openness in communication.
  • The behavior of your colleagues, your position in the team will change.
  • This is only a short-term solution for your employer – it is possible the employer has launched a search for your successor, who will be more loyal.
  • You look unprofessionally in a company where you first accept a job offer and change your decision before the agreed start. Count on the fact that you can reduce your future chances in the company.

Very interesting data are based on statistical surveys. Namely, 80 – 90 % of people who have accepted a counteroffer decide to leave the company in 6-12 months or get fired.

What do I always recommend to my candidates facing a counteroffer? Write a pros and cons for both jobs. It is best to discuss them with an independent person, family, or friends. Be honest with yourself what values are really important to you. Never forget the impulse that moved you to seek professional satisfaction.

Author: Lenka Srchová, Division Manager S&you CZ&SK