Another important indicator that we monitor at SYNERGIE is the so-called Placement Funnel. I.e. how many candidates do we need to select/assign to a project on average, how many candidates do the interviews with and present to the client, and how many on average do we need to process for one successful placement of a candidate?

At S&you Czechia, the statistics for 2020 speak as follows: for one successful placement, we need to select 136 profiles, interview 21 candidates, introduce 15 candidates to a client and process an average of 1,5 job offers.

In S&you Slovakia, the statistics for 2020 are as follows: for one successful placement we need to select 193 profiles, talk to 15 candidates, share 9 profiles of potential candidates with a client and process 1,1 job offers.

In the attached booklet you can see an interesting comparison of 2020 and 2019. And, a comparison between our divisions S&you and Synergie.