In these challenging times of high demand, HR departments must compete to meet employees’ expectations and attract new talents. After the Covid-19 pandemic, which left traces in many areas, employees are more demanding than ever before. Therefore, employers are increasingly striving to satisfy the desires for new, attractive benefits. According to Forbes magazine, more than 40% of employees leave their old positions in pursuit of attractive packages and benefits offered by other companies. Are financial benefits the only ones? Absolutely not.

Trends in the Western World

Americans have long gone through the gold rush when people from the lowest class climbed the social ladder and quickly came to wealth thanks to the frenzy of gold mining. Today, money alone does not satisfy them. According to Forbes Advisor, the most important benefit for them from the employer’s side is health care coverage. Due to the pandemic, flexible working hours, remote work, and hybrid work models have become commonplace. Benefit preferences also vary by age. Baby boomers and Generation X prefer supplementary pension packages, life insurance, or mandatory paid leave (Obsidian HR). Surprisingly, even the youngest Generation Z is already thinking about the future and prefers the second or third pillar, but they also appreciate a card for sports activities.

What about your pet?

If you are worried that your pet will be alone at home when you go to work, you should choose an employer whose offices are open to pets. According to business news daily, Amazon in Seattle has gained the title of the biggest lover of pets because it has its own dog park, where up to 8000 dogs can play. Some Slovak companies are inspired by this Western trend and gradually adapt their spaces to accommodate pets.

Trends in the Slovak and Czech Markets

During the pandemic, preferences of Slovak and Czech employees have changed significantly. To cope with quarantine and restrictions, the balance between work and personal life has gained new importance. Employees have learned to be independent. Now they don’t want to lose their gained “freedom”. Flexible working hours were identified as the most desired benefit last year in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. “During interviews, candidates often highlight the opportunity to work from home, career growth, and participation in the trainings. Younger generations prefer a card that can be used for various sports activities,” mentions Kristína Makóva, HR Consultant S&you Slovakia. Based on internal surveys, there is a demand in the job market for flexible working hours, home office, and vacation beyond the legal requirements. The youngest generations guard their free time; the feeling of usefulness in working over the weekend is no longer a reward for them. They would rather appreciate the opportunity to close the computer as soon as possible and go to the gym or for a massage. The latest trend is a healthy lifestyle. Employers should therefore consider offering attractive wellness programs, sick days, additional time off, or shortened working hours to their employees. The idea of a four-day workweek is becoming more prominent.


If you want a stable and loyal team in your company, an attractive benefits section should definitely not be missing from your advertisement.