Our Activities

S&you specialises in executive search and recruitment of experts and managers (permanent positions, fixed-term positions and interim – temporary positions). To candidates and companies we offer our expertise, vast knowledge-base, and state-of-the-art tools to execute in-depth analysis of projects and personalities. S&you provides tailor-made advice, professional representation as close as possible to the realities of each person or project.

Our objective: to establish a long-term and winning relationship between candidates, companies and our consultants.és.png

Analysis: getting to the bottom of things

Beyond understanding the recruitment project, we seek to understand the overall context and the conscious and sometimes unconscious aspirations that lead the candidate and the company to want to meet and reveal themselves. We are convinced that the more this 360° analysis phase is accurate and “sincere”, the more it lays the foundations for future success for all the parties involved.

More than an intermediary in the relationship

S&you goes further than simply managing the offer and requests for professional opportunities. Our positioning is that of a partner over time who wants to establish a lasting relationship with you and be present at the heart of your projects today, but also tomorrow, for an effective relationship for all.

Our specialisations: the core of our performance

The consultant who supports you on a day-to-day basis is an expert in your profession and your sector of activity. S/He is very familiar with the professional ecosystem in which you are evolving to provide the answers and solutions you expect. Our consultants are divided into 4 areas:

IT, Telco & Fintech

ICT Development Projects, Industry 4.0, development and implementation of innovative technologies for production, CRM, operations management and digital security. These are examples of areas where our experienced IT team appoints experts.

Finance & Banking

Our consultants are well-oriented in the financial banking and non-banking sector, in the area of ​​taxation and consulting, but also in finance for businesses: taxes, accounting, risk management, audit, controlling.


A dedicated Industry team can appoint the right specialist for a suitable job in progressive and innovative companies, but also offer a specialized or managerial position in traditional manufacturing across the full range of supply chain: Tier5 – Tier1 and OEM.

Sales & Marketing

Our Sales & Marketing team consultants work closely with other divisions of our company to gain cross-cutting knowledge of the market areas we specialize in: Industry, Finance and IT. They become partners of our clients and together with them define the optimal needs for complex or specialized positions in marketing, creativity, communication, business development, B2B or B2C sales.