Senior Malware Analyst

Číslo ponuky 78676

Lokalita: Slovak Republic, Czech Republic

Typ: full-time

Sektor: IT a Telekomunikácie

Úroveň pozície: Specialist

Plat: 5000 EUR Gross.

Kontaktná osoba:

Damir Sabljak


We are looking for a Senior Malware Analyst to join the global Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics & Incident Response department. Your primary responsibility in this role will be to analyze and evaluate malicious code to create technical reports for indicators of compromise and to recommend mitigation and detection actions.


  • Conduct both dynamic and static analysis of suspicious code in order to establish malicious capability and determine the potential impact
  • Experience with host and network monitoring for analysis of malware execution & propagation methodologies
  • Perform analysis on captured data, such as audit, log, network traffic, et cetera, to identify any intrusion-related artifacts
  • Understanding of operating-system-specific exploitation vectors, memory injections, vulnerabilities in operating systems related to malware execution and persistence
  • Analyze malicious code by employing tools, scripting languages, and leveraging virtual machines/environments.
  • Generate documentation of vulnerabilities and exploits used by malware in written reports
  • Communicate written and verbal information in a timely, clear, and concise manner
  • Generate a technical summary of findings in accordance with established reporting procedures
  • Develop and recommend mitigation strategies
  • Develop signatures, techniques, and rules to identify malware vectors
  • Collaborate with internal and external organizations to discover new threats, develop mitigation techniques, processes, and tools which further the CSSP mission, as directed by the customer.
  • Evaluate emerging threats
  • Correlate data from multiple sources to identify probable threat actors



  • Generous PTO
  • Paid cyber education courses and certifications
  • Paid Company Holidays
  • Paid Sick Time
  • Gym membership reimbursement
  • Company phone
  • Numerous company-sponsored events and team building.



  • Minimum of four years experience in technology/tools specific to the target platforms
  • Demonstrated experience using Commercial (IDA Pro, Hex-Rays, WinDbg, etc.) and Open Source tools like OllyDbg
  • Understanding of behavioural based threat models like Cyber Kill Chain, etc
  • Familiarity with Linux OS and mobile iOS/Android forensics
  • Demonstrated experience writing code (C, C++, Python, Perl, Java, Powershell, Assembly language, etc.)
  • Capable and comfortable communicating actionable threat intelligence to both technical and executive-level stakeholders
  • Working knowledge of Computer Network Exploitation (CNE), Computer Network Attack (CNA) and Computer Network Defense (CND) tools and techniques
  • A deep understanding of advanced cyber threats targeting enterprises, along with the tools, tactics, and procedures used by those threats
  • Understanding of software engineering methodologies
  • Ability to analyze shellcode, and packed and obfuscated code, and their associated algorithms
  • Understanding of common attacker methodologies and exploit techniques
  • Capable of Python scripting to automate analysis and reverse engineering tasks
  • Strong understanding of network protocols and networking concepts
  • Strong understanding of Windows Operating System Internals and Windows APIs
  • Strong understanding of the PE file format and experience parsing structured or unstructured data
  • Good interpersonal, strong initiative, problem-solving, organizational, writing, communications, and briefing skills
  • IDA Pro, Debuggers, disassemblers, virtual machines, hex editors, and un-packers, X-Ways and Open source methods and tools to perform malware forensic investigations.


O firme

A global leader in Incident Response, Digital Forensics, Penetration Testing, Ransomware Mitigation, and Cyber Resiliency Services. The company experience spans decades working on high profile cases in coordination with Law Enforcement Agencies around the world.

Their best-in-class methodology builds on experience working with US Intelligence Agencies, US Secret Service, FBI, DHS, Interpol, Europol and NATO.

The company experts have been recognized with numerous awards, including being the winning team of Locked Shields, the world’s largest and most advanced international live-fire cyber defence exercise organized by NATO CCD COE in 2016.