The resonant theme is equal pay for men and women. According to Eurostat statistics, women in the Czech Republic currently earn 20.1%, and in Slovakia 19.4% less than men.

It is important to mention that the female unemployment rate is increasing compared to the previous period. In January 2021 in the Czech Republic, the seasonally adjusted male unemployment rate reached 2.5%, the female unemployment rate 4.4% (source: CSU). In Slovakia, the unemployment rate for women reached 8.8% for women and 6.9% for men (source: UPSVaR SR).

The main influence on the increase in female unemployment is the pandemic, which ensured redundancies in the Services sector. Women are more represented in this sector than in other industries.

The pandemic has further exposed pay inequalities for professions that are in the “front line” during the Covid-19 period. These are, for example, health and social services, food sales, drugstores, medicines, where we are mostly represented by women.

Gender balance is also important for our clients, we always try to meet their expectations as much as possible. How is SYNERGIE ČR & SR currently doing based on statistics? You will find the answers in the attached booklet.

9. 3. 2021