Direct Search

The positions of experienced specialists and managers are hard to fill due to their loyalty and committed relationship with their current employer

They have no need to build another career. The key factor is to identify a suitable expert and present them with an attractive offer that can change their mind.

Via the Direct Search service, we ensure the direct researching of the most suitable candidate for the client. The service includes both conventional and innovative methods of headhunting. We effectively contact primarily passive, as well as available, candidates on the labour market. We combine searches from our own ATS system, our own website, social networks and commercial advertising channels.

Within the shortest possible time, we identify candidates, contact them immediately, conduct S&you INTERVIEWS and deliver Candidate Assessment Reports (CAR) to the client.

The thorough, professionally conducted S&you INTERVIEW uses competence and behavioural questions and tests language skills. Interviews are always conducted by a consultant from a team specialising in the client’s field of business. We meet all of the candidates in person or via video interview, without exception.

The client promptly receives a CAR, which provides a complete overview of the candidate’s experience, skills and personality parameters. The CAR saves the client vast amounts of time, which would otherwise have to be devoted to the recruitment process. Thanks to the CAR, the client can quickly navigate the overview of candidates and make a well-informed decision.

When to choose Direct Search:

  • Filling specialist or middle and higher management positions
  • Need to fill a position in 1-4 months
  • Positions which could not be filled through standard activities or by other HR agencies

What Direct Search offers:

  • Contacting specialists who are not actively seeking employment
  • Non-standard mix of search activities and resources
  • Market analysis on the quantity and quality of candidates
  • Option of verifying objective references
  • Internal cost savings to fill the position

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