Executive Search (Headhunting)

The key to successfully filling a position is a perfectly managed and proven process.

In Executive Searches, we use professional tactics based on our extensive know-how. The key to successfully identifying the right candidates is a thorough, professionally conducted S&you INTERVIEW of 60-90 minutes. During the interview, we pose competence and behavioural questions and test language skills. We use modern psychodiagnostic testing methods. The interview is always conducted by an experienced and thoroughly trained senior consultant with expertise in the client’s business sector.

Most importantly, in addition to the CV and materials provided by the candidate, you will receive an in-depth Candidate Assessment Report (CAR), which summarises the candidate’s qualities and motivations. Based on the CAR, the client can quickly navigate the information and make an informed decision.

When to choose Executive Search:

  • Filling top management or highly specialised positions
  • Time constraints – urgent need to fill a position (3-4 months)
  • Confidential headhunting
  • Contacting the employees of competitors or of a specific company
  • Long-term vacant position
  • Requirement for uncompromising quality of recruitment and market mapping

What Executive Search service offers:

  • Finding a TOP candidate on the market
  • Detailed analysis and feedback from the market
  • Speed
  • Comparison of your competitiveness on the labour market
  • Compensation benchmarking
  • Perception of your brand on the specialised market
  • Advisory, setting of realistic expectations
  • Guaranteed successful recruitment

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