In the last few years we already have speculated of the next crisis. The world seems to have forgotten about 2008, the Great Recession. Back then, the difficult situation prevailed especially in the labor market.

Before Korona, in the Czech and Slovak economies, there was a significant excess of vacancies over the number of available job seekers. Candidates played a better hand. They were at an advantage when negotiating the wages, bonuses and the benefit packages. Many companies have accepted this trend as there had been a shortage of qualified experts and managers on the market.

The turning point came on March 11, 2020, when the World Health Organization declared the spread of coronavirus a global pandemic. Suddenly, the wheel of change in societies spun. In some cases positively, in some cases negatively:

  • the worktime has been shortened, contracts have been time constrained
  • the wages reduced,
  • then layoffs,
  • one of the most requested benefits has become an everyday reality, a partial or complete home office,
  • functioning in the online world has become an integral part of employees’ lives (internal meetings, negotiations with clients, negotiations with suppliers, training).
  • Companies have had to and still have to cope with the changes required by the “new normal”.

In general, the year 2020 became critical for positions in the field of gastronomy and tourism. On the contrary, positions in e-commerce, logistics and manufacturing companies in the food and pharmaceutical sectors recorded a positive trend. As in previous years, IT positions remain in the limelight (eg. development, testing, infrastructure, cloud, data management, IT security).

According to our internal S & you statistics, in 2020 we occupied mainly positions in this specialization:

  • IT & Telco
  • Production and engineering
  • Financial services
  • Logistics
  • E-commerce
  • Accounting and finance
  • Automotive
  • Trade and purchase
  • HR and recruitment
  • Banking and insurance
  • Marketing and PR
  • Electrical engineering
  • Legal services

In 2021, there are currently 3 top areas:

Since last year, candidates in particular have retained a preference for stability and security over “going for better jobs”. At the same time, there is a change, the candidates are no longer the ones who dictate the conditions, employers are once again playing the leading role in Korona. Desirable requirements for candidates are: ability to adapt quickly, learn new skills, critical thinking, embrace technology 👻.

Author: Lenka Srchová, S&you Division Manager CZ & SK