Forum of Alone Mothers (Fórum osamelých matiek)

FOM was established in 2003 based on the need to treat the social status of single-parent families in Slovakia. It is dedicated to defending the rights of single mothers, protecting their interests and initiating systemic changes for the benefit of single parents and their children.

  • The civic association serves divorced, single and widowed mothers
  • Operates the Petržalka counseling center for mothers and lonely people
  • We set out our tasks because we ourselves have experienced the senselessness of legal regulations in our country, the bulletproofness and backwardness of society-wide views on the life of a single woman with children, we have experienced the heavy-handedness of our judicial system, the injustice of society’s relationship to men and women.
  • We see the far-reaching consequences of social behavior towards this social group, and we want to raise our children for a better life, so we got to work.
  • However, we must point out that as long as a man finds himself in the same role as a single mother – i.e. he alone takes care of the children he is entrusted to raise, we can provide him with the same services as women.

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